Stabilizing native microbes for reliable, cost-effective, and ease of use is critical to our customers’ success.

At Native, we take a “design/build” approach in our product development; facilitating the standardized delivery of the next generation of Native microbes.



All Native Microbials candidate strains are derived from the animal the product is developed for, and fully characterized at the genetic and phenotypic level for biosafety. This ensures there are no concerns from a worker safety, animal safety, end consumer, or environmental perspective. All Native Microbials strains are categorized as Risk Group 1 organisms: are not associated with disease in healthy adult humans or animals, additionally ensuring that our microbes are safe for all.



At Native, we are passionate about our high performing strains, and carefully engineer our production processes to preserve strain viability through manufacturing to on-farm or real world product administration. Each strain that is a part of a Native Microbials product is isolated to pure culture, produced at scale by fermentation, preserved through a suite of drying technologies, and protected from moisture and other environmental factors by encapsulation. The combination of strains, additives and packaging materials are chosen and optimized to yield a product that can survive ambient supply chains, standard on-farm or real world application operations, and most importantly, to maximize customer return.



Standard on-farm operations or real world product application conditions can be an inhospitable place for introducing microbes. Moist feed rations, containing free radicals and endogenous bioburden, or feed sanitation practices such as steam pelleting, can all negatively impact viability of a novel microbial solution. Mixing procedures on-farm or in your animals feed can also be a challenge. Native Microbials partners with many farms and industries to understand and incorporate the details of these on-farm challenges into the engineering of our microbial solutions through product formulations, specific and customized administration protocols, and value-added services like mixing studies thus enabling our customers to extract maximum value out of the products Native Microbials provides.