Beyond getting to know our candidates, we want to ensure our candidates get to know our team and processes so they get a strong sense for what it is like to work at Native Microbials. We urge all candidates to be inquisitive and seek clarity.

The Native Microbials hiring process operates as follows:

1. Apply Online
2. Initial Conversation with Recruiter
3. Trait Interview with HR
4. Interview with Hiring Manager
5. Sample Project
6. Final Interview with Team(s)
7. Reference Checks
8. Job Offer
9. Acceptance Paperwork & Background Check

At Native Microbials, we do not hire just to fill open roles, we hire to ensure maximal value is delivered to our customers. In order for Native to serve our customers as best we can, we must fill positions with individuals who, 1.) we feel are the best fit for the job at hand and 2.) align with the company’s short and long-term goals.


Trait Selection

Our first step involves determining the optimal attributes for a particular role. Our team discusses the most important traits that we believe are required for the position. In addition to helping us define who we are looking for, it ensures that candidates are positioned for success at Native.

Some traits that have trended across all roles are leadership, teamwork, communication, interpersonal skills, analytical skills, attention to detail, creativity, initiative, and motivation, etc.

We focus on choosing 5-6 traits that we find crucial to the job scope. If our team finds that a job requires more than 6 traits, it often means that we should create an additional position.

After we have selected these traits, our team decides how we can best identify them throughout the interview process. For example, a candidate’s resume may give direct information while an in-person interview can show interpersonal skills.


Apply Online

Found an open position that you are interested in? Great!

Applying online is the best way for our team to review all submissions and complete an initial review.

We ask that you submit your online application and resume via our website or our email ( This will enable us to review your background, qualifications, expertise, and any other relevant experience you may have.

We encourage applicants to check out our LinkedIn and website to get a feel for the company.


Initial Conversation with Recruiter

After your resume has been evaluated, we may schedule a phone interview. We keep our phone interviews to about 30 minutes and work closely with our candidates to find a time that fits in with their schedule.

Depending on the position, we may set up multiple phone interviews so you can get to know more of the team and discuss the position in more detail.


Trait Interview with HR

The trait interview aims to identify soft skills or desired traits that are in alignment with Native’s values.


Interview with Hiring Manager

After the job-fit assessment is completed, a call is scheduled with the hiring manager. This call aims at finding out and better understanding your interest in and ability to perform the functions of the role. The hiring manager will also share additional information with you to paint a picture of the department and organization culture.


Sample Project

We give our candidates a chance to showcase their knowledge and ability by having them complete a relevant sample project. Sample projects allow our team to assess the skills and traits of a candidate. It is also a great opportunity for candidates to get a taste of what working for our company is like. The sample project will mimic the type of work that will be required in the role. If you enjoy the sample project, chances are that you will like the job too! Each role will have a different sample project. The results are reviewed / assessed by the hiring team for which the role is being filled.


Final Interview with Team(s)

We typically conduct in-person interviews as part of the process, however the ability to have in-person interviews will depend on the position and location. These interviews allow our candidates to take the stage and show us that they are the right talent for the position. This is your chance to interview Native Microbials as well. We recommend arriving with any questions or curiosities you may have about our company.

Depending on the position, Native Microbials may conduct the interviews in one of two ways:

Multiple one-on-ones with our leadership team and relevant team members ranging from 45 minutes to an hour.
A panel interview with a mix of our leadership team and relevant team members ranging from 45 minutes to an hour.

Reference Checks

Collecting references is a great way for our team to get to know a candidate from a third party. We typically ask for three (3) references, at least one of these references should be a previous supervisor.

In order to be mindful of everyone’s time, we only reach out to a candidate’s references that we know we want to move forward with in our hiring process.

We ask that these references are professional, and we feel it is most beneficial to have references that served in a managerial position to the candidate at some point in the past or present.

Once we hear back from the references provided, all team members involved in the interview process will meet to discuss the candidates and decide who we believe is the best fit for the position. While we try to respond to candidates within 1-2 weeks, please be mindful that we usually have other candidates in the interview process.



Get Offered the Job!

If an offer is extended, your recruiter will call you and share the good news. This will also give you an opportunity to ask additional questions you may have.


Complete acceptance paperwork and background check

Welcome to Native! Next steps are getting you ready for your first day and onboarding.

Equal Employment

Native Microbials is an equal opportunity employer and strives to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Native Microbials will attempt, to the best of our ability, to reasonably accommodate those individuals unless doing so would create an undue hardship on Native Microbials. 

Final Thoughts

Native Microbials is in need of individuals who are passionate about scientifically innovating animal health and nutrition. Our hiring process is thorough and strives to find the right talent for our team. We want to ensure candidates we hire align with our company vision, goals and culture. We hope you join our team!